Your questions (and my answers), your book suggestions and dares

Hello Ameera, you dared me to read the French dictionary! Ok, so I have now read the French dictionary for beginners. Merci pour votre osent parce que j’ai appris beaucoup de choses.

Hi Layla, you asked me what we are doing at Christmas and you will find out on the 20th Dec.

Hello Tyla, I am glad you enjoyed reading Sticth Head! Guy Bass has written LOADS of books and you can find all the titles on his website.

Hi Roxy and Tegan, thank you for letting me know you are having great fun reading.

Hello Bobbie-Jo, I am glad you enjoyed reading Dirty Bertie! David Roberts has written lots of Dirty Bertie books so borrow them from the public library in Paulsgrove and keep on reading.

There were a few messages without names but thank you very much for taking the time to write the messages about the fun you are having discovering new books to read.

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