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I was invited by Claudia White (author of Aesop’s Secret, Key to Kashdun) to take part in this tour where authors talk about the books they are working on or that that they have recently finished writing. I am working on my next novel for adults and my next one for children so I am going to do a post here and one on my website for older readers. Now…here are the rules for the tour: Provide the link back to the post by the person who nominated you (see above). Write a little about and give the first sentences of the first three chapters of your current WIP, then nominate other writers to do the same or similar depending on whether they write chapter books or picture books.

My novel in progress is number four in the Portal Series – Hoardland.

Join Max and his sister Laura in their fourth adventure in the Portal Series as they discover the secrets a dog named Blue has hidden deep inside, stumble upon Hoardland, and find the answers to why Mauvais Mychancety refuses to share anything.

Chapter One

‘Trick or treat, smell my feet!’ Mauvais skipped along the path.

‘Noisy urchin.’ Muttered the baker, his face white with the remnants of a long day’s work.

Mauvais smiled sweetly as he passed, waited until she heard his footsteps clumping from a safe distance before she stuck out her tongue and blew a wet raspberry in response.

Chapter Two

A thrill ran through Max as he remembered that the commander had promised that would take him to the frost flower fairy sphere. Max made a mental note to bring one of the masks he had seen his dad wear when sanding the paint work. He wasn’t sure he could cope with the stench of flower fairy farts inside the sphere without something to block the smell.

Chapter Three

‘Dizzy?’ Max sat down crossed legged beside his sister and looked out over the valley.

‘Not too bad this time, I think eating first makes a difference.’

‘I ate and nearly barfed.’

Laura laughed. ‘You ate about six seconds before we went through the portal.’


Now I’d like to tag some wonderfully talented authors to join the tour. Have a look at their books and upcoming projects:

Tom Easton

Tom Harris

The Maverick gang

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