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Well, well, well….you Newbridge Junior Reading Roc warriors sure have been busy over the past three weeks! I am really impressed that all 16 teams have submitted an impressive amount of points in this scoring round. As a school you have a total of 84854 Reading Rocs points for the year so far! If you want a complete point breakdown for each team and know the password to the Reading Rocs page then you can click here to have a look.

Three teams that particularly caught my attention are:

The Pink Panthers who have earned themselves 3226 points in the past three weeks making them the third highest weekly point scorer for this round! Everyone who reads knows that panthers can move almost silently and I think this point accumulation is a perfect example of why our lead teams need to be looking over their shoulder to make sure the Pink Panthers haven’t crept up any closer.

Next it’s time to high five The Naranja Ninjas who have demonstrated some STRONG READING over the past three weeks by amassing 6426 Reading Rocs points. This means they have outread eight other teams and gained the position of second place on the stats table! That’s a lot of ninja throwing stars to be moving forward with in this game – I advise all other players to keep an eye on The Naranja Ninjas who have made it clear they are challenging the current leading teams by heading for the end of year prize as fast as they can.

The Golden Eagles maintain their number one position on the stats table because they have spent the whole Reading Rocs challenge pacing themselves by reading steadily and I am guessing they might be saving some of their energy for a big burst of Reading Rocs points towards the end of the game. This means there is still time for the rest of the teams to earn enough points to have a chance of overtaking them. Reading Rocs is all about battle tactics – what’s yours?

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