Patron of Reading list for Term One

POR_seal_120x120_blackI had a great time choosing some books for you to enjoy during your first term of school!  Choose any that you like the look of  or any other book in your school or public library, read it, and let me know what you thought of it. Also, don’t forget to tell me what books you think I should read in the first term by leaving a comment below this post or by leaving me a message in the box in your school library.

reading list term 1

Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters and Bella and Monty – A Hairy, Scary Night

Also Pigwitchery, Witch Camp then Hector and the Big Bad Knight

There is Oliver, Flood and Fang and if you can keep up the pace

The Rabbit ProblemMy Haunted House and then there’s Nuts in Space

The Incredible Book Eating Boy and Miaow (which may contain some cats)

Pom Pom, Cat Magic and Savage Stone Agesplats, hats and lots of rats

Troll and the Oliver and The Deadly Monster sound good you may say

But what about The Scariest Monster In The World and Cudweed’s Birthday?

The Smart Girl’s Guide to Friendship could be where you begin

Or Monster Eyeballs, or Operation Kick Butt or Rumply Crumply Stinky Pin

Great Minds Think Alike might be where you like to look

Or Why Spacemen Can’t Burp may be you kind of book

There are lots of books this term and all of them are ace!



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