Playing the reading game

We quite like reading in my family – which is a good thing for the family of a Patron of Reading to like- and we spent one evening recently playing the reading game. Please excuse the very unhealthy soft drink in the middle of the table but this evening in question happened to be my youngest’s 13th birthday and we had enjoyed some treats that we wouldn’t usually have. In fact, little L told us exactly how many cube of sugar are in each glass of soft drink – waaaaaaay too much!  Anyway, back to the reading game….it is very fun to play and all ages can join in. All you need are some good books – we chose Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip, Strictly NO Crocs and Hedgehugs (Hopping Hot) – the rules of the game are simple too:

  1. Take turns reading
  2. Try to be the most creative with character voices
  3. Get the most laughs from everyone else
  4. Win!

Here is a photo of some of my family playing the reading game using the book about Professor McQuark and her Oojamaflip. My favourite book of the evening was the Hedgehugs book though because it is the one in the series with the grasshopper – he is so cute and it is so much fun looking for him on each page.


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