Our wonderful world

Very much looking forward to launching the (nonfiction) Global Reading Adventure at Copnor Primary School today. 700 children will be heading off on their own reading adventure, and discovering the wonders of our world. Why not join us and see where your adventure takes you?

A sneak peek of a section of the global reading adventure map that the readers at Copnor Primary will be using to travel around the world through non-fiction books

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  • Hi there Dee,

    The children were totally inspired by your visit today! I have seen groups of children keenly filling in their booklets in the library at lunchtime. Can’t wait to see what facts they come up with! It’s going to take me a couple of days to tidy the Non Fiction, but totally worth it 🙂 Looking forward to your next visit.

  • Hi Mrs Short,
    I had a wonderful time at the school today and I am very much looking forward to hearing from the readers about where they choose to go, and what they learn about, on their reading adventures around the world.

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