Half term one reading awards

Half term one reading awards for Beacon View Primary Academy for the reading celebration assembly on 25th Oct 2013:

10 Star Readers – awarded for reading at home three or more times per week

  • Lewis Moatlhodi
  •  Teddy Wicks
  • Ben Erler
  • Finley Bell
  • Connor Rogers
  • William Evans
  • Torrie Cobb
  • Ralphie Leggett
  • Tayer Hartley
  • Bence Hellier

36 Star Book Borrowers – awarded for borrowing at least one school library book per week

  • Holly Rodgers
  • Frazier Bennett
  • Jake Holmes
  • Chloe Chatfield
  • Hollie Steele
  • Cohen Ford
  • Landon Carter
  • Max Hannington
  • Teigan Parrack
  • Declan Murphy
  • Spencer Roberts
  • Zak Davies
  • Roxy Gregory
  • Leyton Roberts
  • Bartoz Smietana
  • Demi Warner
  • Harrison Guest
  • Aiden Parrack
  • Connor Rogers
  • Daisie Thompson
  • Layla Winning
  • India Quick
  • Cailan Newman
  • Dominik Helier
  • Kairo Wall
  • Tejay Ford
  • Leah Cooper
  • Jamie-Lea Anscombe
  • Kada Jones
  • Kate Poyle
  • Rhys Rogers
  • Sonny McDaid

8 Peer Reading Champions – awarded in recognition of the good work these Year six student do with their reading groups each week

  • Josh Hawkins
  •  Kenzi Batchelor
  •  Kacey Godden
  •  Lewis Mountifield
  •  Jack Weir
  •  Gypsie Palmer
  • Jamie Hawkins
  • Holly Blake

You may have noticed that there were way more boy star readers this half term…. the girls certainly noticed during assembly and I can sense a competition brewing between the boys and the girls! Wonder who will have more star readers next half term?  Well done to all the readers at Beacon View Primary Academy!

Borrower Peer Reader

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