Getting into character

On my Patron of Reading visit to Copnor Primary’s Years 5 & 6 yesterday, the focus for the day was primarily on emphasising with the motivation of characters. As part of this I showed each class how much fun it was to create completely random  superheroes and super villains as an all class exercise before we moved on to creating individual ones. As I had set the school off on a Global Reading Adventure at the beginning of the year, the students were also encouraged to place their character in a country they had read about recently.

There were 6 classes to visit in total which meant that after the all class exercise was finished each student (and teacher) only had about 15 minutes max to create their individual characters. I was really impressed with how rich their imaginations were, and how fast they were able to bring their ideas to life.

The thing I found really interesting was that although many students started off drawing super villains (they are super fun to create!), as they thought about their character’s motivation during the story they were telling through their drawing, their character often changed to one where the super villain was able to resolve his issues that had motivated him to become a super villain in the first place, and in the end he became a less villainous character. Empathy in action at Copnor Primary!

The photos were taken at various stages of the session which is why many of the characters are only partly formed (apologies for the less than impressive photography).

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