Four picture book reviews

A Gold Star for George by Alice Hemming and Kimberly Scott

This book is quirky and whimsical with underlying themes of the importance of kindness, friendship, compassion and empathy. The illustrations are bright and concise and they help to pick out the key messages in this story. Lilly loved the stars best and was happy to have a star of her own on her dress. I recommend that adults read this out while the young person in the room has a piece of paper and crayon so they can make their own stars.

A Box of Socks by Amanda Brandon and Catalina Echeverri

This book is about helping your family and friends, and about the special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. Lilly and I had fun choosing which socks we liked best out of all the ones Granny knitted and Lilly thought the idea of “squishy cushions for squashy bottoms” was particularly hilarious. This book works well for practising colours and counting as well as just for the pure enjoyment of reading for pleasure.

Pirates don’t drive diggers by Alex English and Duncan Beedie

This book has splendid rhymes which dance off your tongue and keep trying to turn themselves into songs. As well as all the fun that offers there is also a map with lines for little fingers to follow, and creatures lurking in the depths of the illustrations just waiting to be spotted triumphantly by young readers. This is definitely one we will be reading over and over.

Hedgehugs (book two) by Lucy Tapper and Steve Wilson

This is a lovely way to introduce children to the concept of caterpillar metamorphosis. The last seven pages are spectacular to look at and the story is very sweet. However, this book had the challenge of trying to measure up to the first in the series and, although this book is special, we didn’t love it as much as the first one which is one of our all time favourite picture books.

I reviewed all four books with the help of Lilly P who is 4 years old.

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