Celebrity Readers


It was the final Patron of Reading assembly of the year this morning, and what a year it has been! It was an emotional assembly filled with pride at all the fun we have had reading this school year. There are a few photo at the end of this post showing some of the ways to enjoy reading that we explored this year, and ways in which students at Beacon View Primary Academy (BVPA) have shown how much they enjoyed reading.

The students at BVPA have done so many interesting things with reading for fun, and made huge improvements in the numbers of those reading just for fun that people are starting to talk about them! In fact, so many people are taking about the readers at BVPA that they are practically celebrities now!  I think that reading is one of the very best things to be known for, and adding to the buzz about all the readers at BVPA was a radio show, posts on my websites, posts on the Patron of Reading hub website,  Twitter posts from lots of different people, a post on the Portsmouth City Council website, an article in The News, and lots of posts on Facebook by lots of different people (parents, young readers, libraries, bookstores, the Patron of Reading Facebook hub, and other authors).

Well done everyone!  Don’t forget that there is the A-Mazing Summer Reading Challenge to keep the momentum going! Haha, see what I did there? Click here to find out more, and then go to your nearest public library from Saturday 12th July to sign up.  Happy reading!

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