Bouncy circle stories


During my end of term visit to Beacon View Primary Academy (I am their patron of reading) we read stories (of course), played with dinosaur gliders (well why not?), and created bouncy circle stories (which you can read at the end of this post). These stories are created by bouncing a ball randomly amongst a circle of people, and each person who catches the ball  has to add one word or one form of punctuation to the story in progress. Sometimes this works very well, and other times the resultant story is bizarre. I’ll leave you to decide which story is which….

Story number one:

Once upon a time there was a dragon with a long tail, a long dress with makeup on and a pink hairy head. The Dragon lived in Jaimie’s castle but had an enemy named Holly. A cheesy brown and blue helmet covered the knight’s head. The knight got killed and then Jaimie died. Then it was Jake’s castle with a wizard that lived in it who helped Jaimie come back to life.


Story number two:

Upon a pig pond, a blue leprechaun had a potato in a house. Once One Direction gets the game they played at a different level.  The school had a gun which shot a squirrel and a frog.  The bunny met a nuclear war bomb, thumb tum  and Lewis. The teacher ran from the frog spasticatedly when she ate the frog. Madly a donut sang a song to a skunk while it ate grandparents.

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