Awesome Sauce


Newbridge Junior School have chosen some awesome sauce Reading Rocs team names this year:

  • 3D- The re(a) dders
  • 3H –The Purple Portals
  • 3dM- Blue Pompey Players
  • 3R- The Pink Panthers
  • 4B- Cookie Biscuits
  • 4AS- Book Builders
  • 4S- The Zooming Readers
  • 4P- Reading Rangers
  • 5D- (may not have a name yet or may have written it in invisible ink – I’m looking for clues)
  • 5S- The Reading Spring Chickens
  • 5R- Gruesome Green Goblins
  • 5J- The Silver Surfers
  • 6B- Black Demons
  • 6C- The Pink Power Readers
  • 6P- Ruby Rocket Readers
  • 6A- The Flaming Readers

What an exciting first week in our Reading Rocs challenge: the Black Demons have stormed ahead with The Silver Surfers half way behind them and the Ruby Rocket Readers nearly on The Silver Surfer’s tail feathers! At this stage in the challenge the playing field is wide open so watch this space for weekly team updates or go into the password protected portal for detailed scoring.

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